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Softly listening to every layer of frequency, no priorities

Effortless, the movement is in charge.

The universe within, the action is free.


Like a blind with open eyes to the unseen,  I follow what I can’t describe but yet I feel. And so I dance…


dance to celebrate being alive


Dance reality


Dance war


Dance love


Dance silence


Dance to blow the mind 


admire beyond control


 to touch, being touched and becoming touch.



Remembering that everything is in constant motion


trust being key to practice freedom


and unfold mystery.



falling in suspension, reaching out of earth to enjoy the longing of returning. bending time-space, catching waves, open doors, allowing the stars to embody through me all their wisdom. healing intimacy of thousands of souls.


pure feeling,


fragile, nacked.


a way back home


dancing, I disappear

Contemporary dances

Candela Ramos

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