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They have met in Madrid in 2014 and since then they started to work immediately together. Today they are a peculiar couple. He coming from Argentinean Folclore, his dance is full of grounded energy and innumerable rhythms. His roots are strong and you can see it spreading through the floor in each step he does . She comes from contemporary dance and had worked in a very “Tango Nuevo" style, her characteristics described, in opposite to Adrian’s, a very aerial dance with full expression of her arms that you can confuse with wings. They give contrast together but always reminding the essence, - communication -.

Tango a la carta


Our philosophy is to be in constant research, the goal of the research being to find ways of dance that allow us to dispose of more freedom in order to create. Our work is therefore not organized around isolated body tasks, we train in order to allow the body to learn how to organize itself.

That’s our goal. The body is the channel, the dance is the language, and our thoughts, emotions are the meaning. We seek to constantly explore how our mind is going to respond to our body needs, rather than the mind forcing our motion without a prior perception of what it is that the body actually needs to execute.

Guidelines for movement


Always oriented from the perspective of biomechanics of movement and comfortable execution. We find support in anatomy as well as in physics to describe a dynamic, readable dance.

As improvisation, dance means to be ready to react to external inputs such as our partners way of lead/follow, rhythm, dance space as well as an awareness about our own inner-state in order to attain coherent responses. All of this information will be the frame of reference for our next movement's choice.

Adrian Luppi is a multidisciplinary dancer since, at the age of 5, he was introduced to Argentinian folklore. He has never stopped dancing since. Working with Argentinian Folklore, Flamenco, Yoga, Body Percussion, Claque, Hip-Hop, Clown, guitar playing and singing has giving him the opportunity to work around the world with a number of well-known dance companies. Presently he has chosen Tango as his main way of expression. An organic language colours his every movement, and the understanding of the body's physical laws provide him with precision and clarity when dancing.