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Candela Ramos

I am inspired by physics. To inquire into nature’s dynamics finding parallelisms into the body and it’s movement. As we are nature its self, I observe the body-mind as one more expression of that. To understand it’s mechanism is the pathway that guides my certainties. Because of that, I decide first to observe in order to act in consequence instead of “to create-to invent” a parcial world around. Knowing the fact that our perception is subjective I decide to be as more objective as possible into the circumstances, finding patrons to determinate reality. I accept complexity of body mechanisms and it’s interaction with the external world. I am oriented to integrate in balance and harmony the physical - psychical - emotional planes; if those  could reach a listening and homogeneous interaction one with another there is no need for suppression because of it’s expression. I am looking for being able to listen the feedbacks of each part of my body in order to be aware of it’s needs. I am looking for a balance in a constant negotiation instead of a fixed axis that just works in known situations. Each procedure has to be reevaluate depending on the concrete situation it’s been applied, just like that it will get it maximum efficiency. My artistic focus is on finding the authenticity of each moment in particular and by that to  put in question presumptions. 

. Why do I teach .

I believe in teaching as a way to inspire and be inspired. As a space that opens new perspectives back and forth.
The possibility to observe others learning process gives me the chance to learn from it with them. Stimulating my openness and empathy to another way of thinking, to another way of moving, to an order that I need to understand in order to find a bridge for communication.

The chance to follow what is the development of my experiences on someone else’s always teaches me back informations and sensations I could hardly have on my own as well as sometimes putting a mirror on my own blind spots.
Teaching gives a new purpose to all that I collect through my pathway. The sharing of knowledge gives me a certain sensation that my experience doesn’t finish on me, it shows me the connection between the rest of the world and myself. How my experience influences others and by that It keeps going on beside me and mutating. And so, It gives me an impulse of a bigger responsibility in what I do, it drives me to questioning more and more, to go deeper and deeper, to be more clear and precise, and by that stimulating my passion for it.

I find that the contribution on divulgation of movement practice is a vast way to keep discovering the fascinate world in which we live feeding many of my desires and needs in life. 

. Guidelines for movement .

Always oriented from the perspective of biomechanics of movement and comfortable execution. I find support in anatomy as well as in physics to describe a dynamic, readable dance.

As improvisation, dance means to be ready to react to external inputs such as our partners way of lead/follow, rhythm, dance space, as well as an awareness about our own inner-state in order to attain coherent responses. All of this information will be the frame of reference for our next movement's choice and the kind of information we are going to study in class.

Knowlege in


-Axis Syllabus

-Contemporary dance, Techniques: Flying low, Graham, Laban, Release


-Argentinean Folclore

-Modern Jazz




Candela gave her first dance’s steps in a ballet barre with 6 years old and passing through Ballet, Modern dance, Jazz, Contemporary jazz, Arabe, Yoga, Argentinian Folklore and many techniques of Contemporary Dance. She arrived into Tango at the age of 15 years old. After few years she met Dana Frigoli, Pablo Villarraza and the Studio “DNI Tango” where she did an intense formation as teacher and dancer, ending to work there in the Studio and the Company for 4 years long. On those years she was in charge of the Contemporary dance classes on the school where she developed a method for Tango dancers related to the TTC approach(Tango tecnology conceptual, technique applied for DNI studio). When she turns 21 years old she moved to Berlin, Germany in order to improve her contemporary dance, the most influenced method was “Axis Syllabus” the one that now she keep going on research. Also she continued with the Tango teaching in Berlin, as well as traveling through Germany, Poland, Italy, Holland, Russia, France and Spain where she was called by determined events and Festivals.

Now She is the Choreographer on the new production of the Parisian company “A part of the whole” directed by Nathalie Bentolila where she also participate as a dancer, actress and singer.

Having residence in Barcelona now she keeps going on with the work of inspire new people to the Tango world.

Most important Shows


- "La Musa del Capricho" and "aRealidades", Comapñia 

DNI Tango, directed by Dana Frigoli - Buenos Aires (interpreter-dancer)

- "Tod im Venedig",

"Schaübuhne Theater", directed by Thomas Ostermaier - Berlin (interpreter-dancer)

- "SANTALMA", Theater and dance company "A part of the whole", directed by Nathalie Bentolila - París (Choreographer - interpreter-dancer-singer)

- "UrbanTango", Directed by Solange Freyre, Madrid.(Dancer)