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Candela Ramos

My truth lies on the constante wonder and appreciation for life process, mysteries and admiration of nature itself, the one we are part of , and from where dance emerges from as a celebration.

I believe that the beauty we perceive in nature is the same as the beauty that results from the natural movement of our bodies. I believe that natural movement is authentic, beautiful and efficient.

. Pedagogy .


My strength is to orient the classroom towards a space of empowering the learning process of embodiment. Listen to the suggestions of your body, allowing its intelligence to guide your movements and help you to reconnect with your personal natural way of dancing. Giving you tools to understand body language you will be able to navigate basic logics and principles of movement and get your own conclusions over the dance.

I am inspired by science as well as by somatic disciplines. So the tools that I use are physics, anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and BMC, contact improvisation, Feldenkrais Method (among others) to explain our bodies’ natural dynamics. This allows you to gain a better understanding of your body and how to use it. I encourage you to listen to your body, to be attuned to the feedback your body is giving you, which allows you to find the unique dynamic that works for you. I am not a model – I facilitate discovery and learning through movement.

. Offers and intentions .


I offer a research on Anatomy, Physics and biomechanics that will help you to reconnect with your personal dance. My proposal is to get a way of dancing that is effortless, comfortable and with a wider fan of possibilities. Many dancers have lost their ability to dance naturally and by that have lost their ability to express themselves.


. Knowlege in .


Axis Syllabus

Contemporary dance, Techniques: Flying low, Graham, Laban, Release


Argentinean Folclore

Modern Jazz



. Bio .

Candela is graduated from the Nacional Dance School Nº3 of Buenos Aires, Argentina as “Ballet and Contemporary dances Interpreter”. She started Tango at the very young age and made her formation as a Tango Teacher in the School DNI-Tango where after formation she was already part of teacher’s team leading group and private lessons. On that period she developed a method for training Tango dancers with a fusion between contemporary dances and TTC Tango technique. 

2011 - Player and Dancer of the piece "La Musa del Capricho" and "aRealidades", Company DNI Tango, directed by Dana Frigoli - Buenos Aires

2015 Player and Dancer of the piece "Tod im Venedig","Schaübuhne Theater", directed by Thomas Ostermaier - Berlin and on tour.

2016 Choreographer, player, dancer and singer of the Parisian Dance-Theater company “A part of the whole”; directed by Nathalie Bentolila, on the piece “SANTALMA”.

She is a young and passionate teacher that since 10 years travels through Tango Festivals and events teaching and exhibiting her Tango knowledge and perspectives.

Candidate to be a Certified teacher of Axis Syllabus.

Organizer of several dance Festivals and Educational events.


. Most important Shows .


- "La Musa del Capricho" and "aRealidades", Comapñia 

DNI Tango, directed by Dana Frigoli - Buenos Aires (interpreter-dancer)

- "Tod im Venedig",

"Schaübuhne Theater", directed by Thomas Ostermaier - Berlin (interpreter-dancer)

- "SANTALMA", Theater and dance company "A part of the whole", directed by Nathalie Bentolila - París (Choreographer - interpreter-dancer-singer)

- "UrbanTango", Directed by Solange Freyre, Madrid.(Dancer)

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